11 Tennis Gifts for Him

Top 12 Best Gifts for Tennis Players That Will Make You A Tennis Lovers Best Friend scaled

Show your love for the tennis enthusiast in your life by fueling his passion for the sport. Whether he’s a seasoned player or just starting his tennis journey, we have the perfect gifts that will put a smile on his face and inspire him to unleash his inner Federer.

1. Pro Staff 97 v13

wilson pro staff 97 v13

Your tennis guy will absolutely adore the latest model of tennis’ most iconic racket, the Pro Staff 97 v13. This racket seamlessly combines the classic look of the original Pro Staff with a modern performance design that excels in today’s game. With its sleek all-black design and vintage-inspired pinstripes, the Pro Staff 97 v13 is not only a sight to behold but also delivers enhanced feel and stability with its Braid 45 construction.

2. Blade 98 (16×19) v8 Tennis Racket

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The Blade 98 (16×19) v8 Tennis Racket is at the top of every elite player’s wish list this year. Loved by the best players in the world, this evolution of the Blade rewards aggressive and precise ball-strikers with its exceptional feel, torsional stability, and eye-catching color-shifting design that is sure to impress both teammates and opponents. As the number one franchise on tour, the Blade is also a popular choice among competitive juniors and college players.

3. Wilson Custom Tennis Rackets

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Surprise your favorite tennis player with a custom Wilson Pro Staff, Clash, Blade, or Ultra tennis racket. Personalize their racket to match their personality and style by choosing from a range of colors, such as white, silver, gold, black, and red. You can even add customizations like country flags, emojis, or their name to make the racket truly unique. With numerous combinations to choose from, you can also opt for a gift card so they can design their own perfect racket.

4. Rush Pro 4.0 Tennis Shoe

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The Rush Pro 4.0 Tennis Shoe is the perfect choice for players who fearlessly charge the net. Its updated design features the 4D Support Chassis 2.0, which splits the chassis for enhanced support, stability, and control. The Energy Cell technology in the forefoot of the midsole optimizes the transfer of body weight for explosive propulsion. This performance-driven tennis shoe is available in three stylish color combinations for men and four combinations for women, including a unique Paris graffiti edition for both.

5. Rush Pro Ace Tennis Shoe

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The Rush Pro Ace Tennis Shoe is a wider version of the Rush Pro 4.0, known for its comfortable yet high-performance design.

6. Night Session Tour 12-Pack

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Celebrate the excitement of tennis played under the lights with the Night Session Tour 12-Pack. This special edition bag features a sleek black design with reflective details, paying homage to the electrifying night sessions. With two main compartments capable of holding up to 12 rackets, this bag also includes a zippered pocket for shoes or personal items. The adjustable padded backpack straps and shoulder straps provide convenient and comfortable carrying options. This pack boasts all the features of the Wilson Tour Bag and is also available as a backpack.

7. Tungsten Tuning Tape

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Fine-tune the weight and balance of your racket with Wilson’s Tungsten Tuning Tape. This pack includes four strips, each weighing 2.5 grams, allowing you to customize the weight and adjust the balance without the need for lead. Adding weight to different areas of the racket can enhance power, stability, control, or maneuverability based on your preferences. Highly competitive players consider this tape a must-have accessory.

8. Tournament Short

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The Tournament Short by Wilson is the ultimate choice for hot days on the court. Made with ultralight and breathable fabric that features perforations for ventilation, these shorts keep players cool without compromising their range of motion. The stretchy fabric dries quickly, ensuring maximum comfort during intense matches. The knit waistband with a built-in drawcord provides a comfortable and customizable fit.

9. Men’s Series Seamless Crew

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The Series Seamless Crew takes inspiration from the range of motion required by pitchers and applies it to various performance activities. This garment features a saddle raglan shoulder design that prevents chafing in high-movement areas and provides excellent ventilation. Wilson constructed this crew using stretch fabric that is quick-drying, anti-odor, and retains its shape even after multiple washes. Your tennis player will stay comfortable and fresh during every match.

10. Millennium Full Zip Hoodie

nike w nsw millenium essential fleece fz hood 111385 1

Our signature Millennium Full-Zip Hoodie is designed with ergonomic details such as engineered sleeves, seam-forward arm, and side panels that flatter the wearer’s silhouette. The innovative fabric combines comfort, function, and style with anti-odor treatment, four-way stretch, and breathability. Your tennis player will quickly turn to this hoodie as their go-to garment, both on and off the court.

Looking to gift custom equipment to your favorite athlete or sports fan? Look no further than a Tee Sports Galaxy Sporting Goods Gift Card. By giving a Wilson Gift Card, you ensure that your player, coach, or teammate can design and personalize their own gift from Wilson’s wide selection of top-of-the-line sports gear.

Whether they want to create their own custom tennis racket or explore other sports equipment, a Wilson Gift Card is the perfect gift for any racquet enthusiast.

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